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WorksMC is a B2B marketing company known for bridging the gap between marketing and sales departments to deliver ROI-driven solutions. Founded in 1999, the company has built a strong reputation for innovation and creativity.


Outdated Design: The website did not reflect the companies modern and innovative approach.
Navigation Issues: The site was difficult to navigate, affecting user experience.
Project Showcase: The site lacked an effective way to highlight past projects.
Mobile Responsiveness: The old site was not optimised for mobile devices.
SEO: The site needed better search engine optimisation.


Discovery and Research:

– Conducted interviews with stakeholders.
– Analysed competitor websites.
– Collected client feedback.

Design Phase:

– Updated the visual design with a fresh color palette and modern typography.
– Created wireframes and prototypes focused on user experience.

Development Phase:

– Implemented a responsive design for all devices.
– Developed a dedicated portfolio section with high-quality images and detailed project descriptions.
– Integrated SEO strategies including keyword optimisation and improved site speed.

Testing and Launch:

– Performed extensive testing across various devices and browsers.
– Implemented analytics tools to monitor performance post-launch.


Enhanced User Experience: Simplified navigation and modern design decreased bounce rates and increased session durations.
Improved Visibility: SEO optimisation led to a 40% increase in organic search traffic within three months.
Increased Engagement: The new portfolio section resulted in more client enquiries and higher engagement rates.
Mobile Traffic: Mobile traffic increased by 30% due to the responsive design.
Positive Feedback: Received commendations from clients for the improved professionalism and user-friendliness of the site.

Conclusion: The revamped WorksMC.com website successfully achieved its goals, providing a user-friendly, visually appealing, and mobile-responsive platform. This transformation not only improved the company’s online presence but also contributed to increased client engagement and business growth.

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FutureScot Events

"The best thing I have seen so far internally. Everyone is taking part and uploading content. The site and apps are neat and clean, and it works! Based on this I think by tomorrow we will have all 7 events created and live. Wish we'd met you a year ago."


Hamish Miller, Events Director, Canongate Communications

BBC Worldwide

"Thanks for all of your help, guidance and creativity. Everyone is really happy."

Christine Black, Vice President, Communications, BBC Worldwide, North America

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

"We chose Works Digital and eventpowwow to create a custom registration and experience for our biennial world conference. It worked so well that we have expanded to use it on all global training program."

Yogesh Sharma, Intaward